Best thing about pit bulls is thier smile. Best thing ng about boxers is thier loveing nature


Terriers are well-known for his or her fast responses, and the Blue Nostril isn’t any totally different, so you must be on the ball when coaching these guys.

Excessive-value rewards are greatest. To seek out out which rewards your canine values most, place a number of treats on the ground and see which one he eats first. Then repeat with toys: maintain him out of the room and line up a number of toys. Let him come into the room to play without cost and see which one he picks up first.

When he’s responding the way you need him to, reward and reward him. Keep away from using punishment and aversive strategies in any respect prices. They’re ineffective and really trigger drawback behaviors.

Early socialization is crucial in order for you a well-behaved and well-trained blue nostril pit bull canine. Introduce him to individuals, different animals and totally different environments. We all know that canine which are correctly socialized from an early age are much less more likely to exhibit fearful and aggressive behaviors as they get older.


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