Happiness of a pit bull dog after being released from its cage and meeting its owner


The traits of a real Pitbull may be detailed in accordance with the American Pit Bull Terrier customary, since it’s from this breed that the various kinds of Pitbulls identified right now are born.

Typically, it’s a medium-sized canine with a robust construct. The burden ranges from 15 to twenty kg and the peak goes from 45 to 55 cm. Opposite to well-liked perception, the Pitbull just isn’t an excessively giant or muscular canine, however a canine with a harmonious physique that may seem longer than tall.

The pinnacle is one in all its most attribute options, as it’s formed like an inverted triangle and its cheeks are inclined to protrude and look very cumbersome. It has small, wide-spaced eyes.

The Pitbull is characterised by quick, easy and glossy hair. The Pitbull breed customary permits all colours and types, besides marbled with spots.


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