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Advanced Obedience Training
Advanced obedience training for dogs is a difficult training that must be applied after receiving basic obedience training. In advanced obedience training, your dog learns to follow your commands while on a free leash. If you want to know the truth of the matter, he will learn the commands he learned in basic obedience training, but in this training he will do your commands completely freely and without a leash. For this reason, it is necessary to have completed the basic obedience training at a good level as a priority. In this training, dog owners should be able to convey the commands clearly and decisively to the dog and have them enforced in the same way.
In order for your dog, which is your pet, to obey you, you need to make your dog fully accept your authority, of course, without losing the love and trust between you. Some breeds may not be able to receive obedience training in dogs because they always have a leader spirit, so their character structures are not suitable for this training.
Although advanced obedience training differs in some breeds, in general, it can be given between 9 and 12 months in most breeds. As we have often said before, it is not possible for dogs who have not successfully completed basic obedience training to receive advanced obedience training. In fact, there is no difference in command between basic obedience training and advanced obedience training, only the come command is taught in addition to advanced obedience training, and the wait command is applied for a longer period of time in this training.


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