It’s time for Pitbulls Hanna and Kira to walk down the street with their owners and see how they react


The Pitbull Blue is a breed that’s typically confused with the American Staffordshire Terrier, this confusion is regular, as a result of they share origins. It’s a breed originating in the US, though its beginnings have been in the UK within the nineteenth century, started to make crosses between Terriers and Bulldogs (the bulldog of the nineteenth century was very completely different from the bulldog that’s identified as we speak, its dimension was bigger and with extra bravery). Two breeds identified on the time for his or her well-known popularity of being nice fighters and trackers. The target of the crossbreeding between these two breeds was to acquire an impeccable fighter, with most agility and better aggressiveness, combining the power of the Bulldog with the ferocity of the Terrier.

Their sturdy jaw and musculature made them able to attacking bulls or any animal their proprietor needed. Initially they have been butchers’ assistants in slaughterhouses, after which they moved on to combat bulls. This exercise turned a well-liked sport, however with time and given its repercussion, this sport turned unlawful. In truth, the title of this breed comes from this exercise, the fights have been known as “Bull-Baitings”, after they turned unlawful they began to prepare these fights in pits to combat in opposition to rats, pit in English is “Pit”, so it was known as as we all know it as we speak as “PitBull”.


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