Maggie loves all people and dogs, and isn’t scared of anything.


Taking dogs out into a dog-friendly environment like the Farmer’s Market is an excellent way to expose them to potential adopters, while also giving them a chance to have some fun.

Last weekend, we brought Joel and Maggie to the Haile Farmer’s Market. Joel is usually nervous around people, but he adores dogs and cats. Meanwhile, Maggie loves everyone and every dog, and isn’t easily frightened. The two of them were a perfect match, with Maggie helping Joel build confidence and engage with people more openly. Both dogs enjoyed meeting all of the friendly canines at the market, and Joel interacted with new people more than he ever had before. (Read Joel’s long but happy story)

Everyone at the market responded warmly to Joel and Maggie, and the duo garnered a lot of interest. We are hopeful that someone they met will adopt or foster them, or another dog from the shelter. Dogs like Joel and Maggie may not always stand out in the shelter, but when they are out in public, everyone can see how charming and silly they are.

This approach is also a fantastic way to alter public perceptions around pit bulls and shelter dogs. Many people were surprised to learn that Joel and Maggie had just met each other and that we, the volunteers, had only recently met Maggie. Maggie is an excellent example of how confident and well-adjusted a shelter dog can be.

Once Maggie had played and burned off some energy in my yard, she was relaxed and easy-going at the market. Joel was overjoyed to be around so many other dogs that he forgot to be scared most of the time.

We all had a fantastic time and are looking forward to doing it again. Please let us know if you would like to join us next time or become involved with Joel, Maggie, or any other dogs at ACAS!


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