Our pit bull guarding our 6 week old. He was rescued from dog fighting


Our rescued pit bull took on the role of guardian for our six-week-old baby. Despite being a survivor of dog fighting, neglect, and abuse, he displayed nothing but gentleness and affection towards our little one. Not once did he show any signs of aggression.

Sadly, we lost our beloved pit bull to kidney failure a year ago, but the memories of his unwavering love and loyalty continue to warm our hearts.

This heartwarming story is a testament to the true nature of pit bulls and how they can be loving and caring companions when given a chance. It’s a shame that this breed is often stigmatized and misunderstood due to the actions of a few bad owners.

Dogs, in general, have an incredible ability to love unconditionally and bring joy to our lives. It’s no wonder they are known as man’s best friend. Pit bulls, in particular, hold a special place in our hearts as they defy stereotypes and demonstrate their capacity for compassion and loyalty.

Let’s spread awareness about the true nature of pit bulls and honor the memory of this beloved companion. Dogs truly are the best!


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