Own a pit bull? Here’s what you need to know about Springfield’s new ban


If you own a Pitbull in Springfield, it’s crucial to understand the implications of the city’s new ban. The new law prohibits Pitbull ownership within city limits, leaving many owners confused and concerned.

Pitbull owners must comply with the new regulations, which include registering their dogs with the authorities and adhering to strict rules. These regulations include using a leash and muzzle when in public spaces, as well as having a secure and enclosed yard at home. Owners must also have liability insurance in case their pet causes harm to others.

Violating the new law can result in steep fines and even imprisonment. However, there is still hope for Pitbull owners who comply with the regulations. Owners can petition for an exemption to the ban, provided they can demonstrate proof of their dog’s good behavior, proof of insurance, and adherence to the guidelines.

Owning a Pitbull can still be a possibility for responsible and caring owners who are willing to take the necessary steps to ensure their pet’s safety and the safety of others.


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