Pit Bull found of the streets covered in scars and infected wounds escapes from her dog fighting past to find healing in a new foster home


Pit Bulls are often perceived as having a brave, dominant, and aggressive temperament, leading to a negative reputation for being ferocious and unpleasant.

However, in reality, this breed has a strong desire to please its owner and is highly affectionate and attached to them. They are also known for being friendly and generous towards neighbors and strangers alike, often greeting them with happy and wagging tails.

Contrary to popular belief, Pit Bulls are not excessive barkers and only tend to do so when greeting friends and family or to make their owners happy. Despite their reputation, Pit Bulls are not naturally aggressive towards humans, unless they have been specifically trained for combat.

As with all breeds, it’s essential to provide proper training, socialization, and care for Pit Bulls to thrive as loving and loyal companions. With responsible ownership and positive reinforcement training, Pit Bulls can be friendly and well-behaved pets that bring joy and love into their owners’ lives.


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