The euthanization of a pit bull who gave birth inside of an animal shelter in the Texas panhandle is causing outrage


On May 10th, Dacia Anderson, a volunteer with the Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society, encountered a pregnant pit bull at the City of Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare facilities. Despite the dog, known only as G7, showing no signs of aggression, Anderson learned that the animal was scheduled to be euthanized almost two hours later.

Anderson had alerted animal welfare workers to the fact that the dog was pregnant, but they had not expected her to give birth that day. When G7 went into labor, Anderson promptly informed the animal welfare office, and the pit bull was moved to a portable kennel. Anderson then inquired if the dog would be put down, but was told that she was simply being relocated to a quieter area.

The City of Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare has limited resources and must put down animals that exhibit aggressive behavior, endangering the community. However, Anderson found it hard to believe that G7, who was kept in a non-violent area, posed a threat. Despite attempts to contact officials from the shelter, they did not respond to requests for comment.

Anderson’s story has since gone viral, gaining national attention from various news outlets, including People Magazine and TV stations across Texas.


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