This is the best representation I have ever seen if an American Bully!!! Truly a spectacular specimen!

American Bully Bodily Qualities
The physique of the American Bully canine is of medium size. The neck is closely constructed, barely curved, narrowing from the shoulders to the again of the cranium. Their shoulders are broad, robust and muscular. The physique has deep and nicely sprung robust ribs. All ribs are shut to one another. The chest is deep and extensive. There isn’t a laxity within the pores and skin. The again is sort of quick. Straight, sloping from shoulder to rump or barely quick sloping from rump to base of tail. The excessive again might be seen, however not quite common. Though it scares folks at first look with its muscular, imposing physique, it’s a very playful and affectionate canine.
The American Bully’s head is of medium size. It has a moderately giant, deep, broad cranium, outstanding cheek muscle tissues and facial options. They’ve distant eyes and excessive ears. The muzzle is of medium size, barely sq. below the eyes and rounded on the prime. Nostril colour black, brown, and so on. all colours are accepted. Its jaw is robust and strong. Its decrease jaw is able to making its chew stronger. The higher tooth shut collectively exterior. An anterior or scissor chew tooth form is seen. His lips are closed, however there could also be laxity because of the tooth construction.
The American Bully canine has excessive ears. Their ears could or is probably not cropped. Legally, not each nation permits clipping. Because of this you possibly can see the American Bully with uncropped ears in these areas. The uncropped ears fall on each side of the pinnacle, with the tip close to the cheeks.
The eyes of the American Bully breed are between spherical and oval form. It’s positioned a little bit decrease on his head, at a distance from one another. Eye colours might be any colour besides albinism. The commonest eye colours you’ll encounter are brown, hazel and amber.
Legs and Ft
The entrance legs of the American Bully are extensively separated to assist the developed and muscular chest. The entrance legs, that are at a distance from one another, are flat on the bottom. It is acceptable to have their ft pointing outwards, nevertheless it’s not very fascinating. The hind legs are muscular, turned neither inwards nor outwards. Their ft are of medium measurement, curved and grabbing. The American Bully gait is rear-wheel drive, assured and springy.
The tail of the American Bully canine is brief in comparison with its physique size. Bully tail construction is low set and tapering from thick to skinny. It’s positioned unfolded on the again.
The coat of the American Bully breed is easy, quick and onerous. Their dense and onerous hairs have a shiny look. In chilly climate, it’s seen that they get chilly in a short time resulting from their quick hair. They shed reasonably and wish little grooming.
American Bully attracts consideration with its quick, shiny and easy fur. The Bully breed stands out with its wide selection of fur colours and patterns. It might probably are available gentle brown, brown, white, brindle, silver, grey, cream, pink, pied, sable and black colours and tones. Often, spots and markings could also be seen. It’s a canine breed the place all colours and patterns might be seen. The one colours that the ABKC doesn’t settle for within the American Bully are merle and albino.


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