This pit bull was trapped in a tower deep in the jungle in Puerto Rico, so a rescue team went to find him and bring him all the way back out


It’s true that some Pit Bulls exhibit a sure stage of aggression. However their conduct just isn’t as a consequence of an aggressive nature of the breed. The issue is the bodily energy of the breed, however skilled from a younger age by an lively proprietor, with a robust and agency character, this breed will present its true nature, which is much from what society thinks.

One of many important traits of the American Pit Bull is power.

Intelligence is without doubt one of the most attribute traits of the Pit Bull’s character. Although these playful canines have lately been labeled as potential killers, they’re truly canine with a pleasant and really sociable character. Additionally it is true that generally they are often extraordinarily cussed and cussed, as a result of even when one thing is not possible to attain, they won’t hand over of their efforts to get it. Till they obtain an order on the contrary, they won’t divert their consideration. Their eager intelligence facilitates their capacity to study new issues.


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