This woman discovered a filthy old suitcase in a bush: You won’t believe what was inside

On her way to work, a nurse in Essex, England, discovered an abandoned suitcase on the pavement.

Her instinct told her to take a closer look. When she opened it, she discovered a real surprise!

It was a bag containing 15 kittens between three and five weeks old. The bag had numerous holes in it to let air in so that the unfortunate kittens could breathe.

Whoever abandoned them must have wanted them to survive. The “luggage” was also deliberately left near a well-known animal shelter.

As the kittens were not weaned, they had to be fed individually to prevent them from developing nutritional problems.

Fortunately, the people in charge of the shelter are willing to take care of the 15 souls until they are adopted. For the time being, the kittens are too small and fragile to be abandoned.

“Six of them are showing signs of eye infection, while the others seem to be fine at the moment, but we want to keep a close eye on them to make sure they are healthy.

Source: positive-info

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