Those are the calmest puppies I’ve ever seen haha theyre so cute


The pit bull is appropriate for accountable individuals who know the right way to get pleasure from it and care for it, giving it a spot inside their household the place it’s going to develop robust bonds with youngsters, particularly as a consequence of its character similar to theirs, however all the time having an attentive look and a mature perspective to teach it correctly. From this it’s clear that the pit bull isn’t completely different from the remainder of the canines, since that is what it’s, “a canine”, of nice energy and power, however a canine ultimately. Because of its traits it was utilized in an unscrupulous or unlawful approach, making it achieve a fame that it doesn’t deserve however the individuals who use it in a foul approach. It’s the duty of those that personal him to alter the unhealthy status of those wonderful canines.

The pit bull isn’t a breed acknowledged by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale Cynologique Cynologique), that’s the reason the requirements detailed under belong to the entities that register and challenge papers to canines of this breed.


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