Today, a Bully snapped at Winston on the way into the dog park, so Winston kept him away from me.


Based on your description, it sounds like there were several interactions between dogs at the dog park today.

First, it seems that a bully snapped at Winston, but he was able to keep the other dog away from you. This shows that Winston is protective of you and wants to keep you safe.

Next, a White German Shepherd wanted to play with Winston, but he didn’t seem interested and gave the other dog a couple of gentle paw swipes to back off. This is a common way for dogs to communicate that they are not interested in playing.

Then, a Husky showed dominance over Winston and Nevaeh. Dominance is a natural behavior for some dogs, but it’s important to make sure that it doesn’t escalate into aggression.

Later on, it seems that a Great Dane didn’t like you, which could be due to a variety of reasons such as feeling threatened or protective of their space. And finally, a St. Bernard puppy liked Winston and followed him around, which shows that Winston is a likable dog and has good social skills with other dogs.


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