Villalobos gets a call to save ten chained-up dogs in horrific conditions


The coloration of the Brindle Pitbull is what sets this dog apart from the rest. It’s not just a solid color, but a combination of dark and light colors all blended together.

With the brindle coloring, you’ll often see predominantly light colors (such as yellow) mixed with darker colors (such as black).

This coloration is not as rare as many breeders would have you believe, as it can also be found in Boxers and Greyhounds. The coat itself is short and stiff, so they don’t shed too much and don’t require much grooming.

The physical appearance of Pitbulls is quite striking. They are muscular and sturdy, with a broad face and short snout. Their ears naturally droop, and you can find brindle Pitbulls that are either red-nosed or blue-nosed Pitbulls.


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