What a smart dog. She sure is a lovable girl. She is in a very happy home with people who love her so much.


It is among the strongest and most sturdy medium-sized breeds in existence. Nevertheless, regardless of being muscular and compact, the American Pit Bull Terrier is an agile and lightweight canine. It has significantly well-developed neck and head muscle tissue. Its coat is brief and easy and normally is available in completely different colours: white, black, liver or tan. Different attribute options of this breed are its small eyes and rose-shaped ears.

Pit Bulls are affectionate, attentive and really protecting of their household. Opposite to what’s normally believed, it’s a very tolerant breed that creates sturdy bonds of affection with the little ones, whom they adore and defend. The truth is, particular care have to be taken to make sure that they don’t grow to be overprotective. In any other case, they’re glorious companions, very playful, noble and enjoyable.


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